Posturology is the study of the postural system and is based on neurophysiology. The body has phasic and tonic muscles, both are under the control of the central nervous system (brain). Phasic muscles are responsible for voluntary movements. Tonic muscles are responsible for your posture / position, this tone / tension is involuntary. The tone of the tonic muscles are controlled by the brain, based on the information the brain gets from the body. The information that the body relays to the brain comes mainly from the eyes, vestibular system (inner ear), feet, but also from sensory muscles.

If there is either a disruption (Jaw clenching) or a miscommunication of the information that is sent to the brain. The tonic muscles tone will become uneven from side to side and creates postural asymmetries. These imbalances can cause pain, tightness, motion sickness, and cognitive problems, as learning is linked to the perception of space.

Here at RECAP WELLNESS we address the Postural System with Auriculolotherapy. In some cases we may recommend the use of Neurostab Postural Insoles, eye / jaw/ tongue exercises, and a Neurospiked ball to simulate the skin receptors of the soles of the feet and hands.